Settlements ""

Settlements ""

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These settlements are from WALMART.COM.

Condition: All these products were returned by the client or companies such as UPS or FedEx or LTL for not reaching its final destination.
The condition of the product may vary. Please note that products inventory listings are provided by and its sale "as is"; disclaims all warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise.
Inside the manifest you will find the "reason for the return". This information is provided by the customer at the time of the return.

Merchandise indicating "Changed Mind: No Longer Wanted" could also be considered damaged. All merchandise is sold "AS IS".

Purchase Options: Sales per lot and container

- There are 2 warehouse where most of the goods are located: NV and TX, and domestic freight is not included in the total price of the lots.
- For purchase of container(s), domestic freight is FREE.

 Main Categories: 

- Clothing. (Click Here - Sample Manifest)

- Furniture. (Click Here - Sample Manifest)

- Bikes & more. (Click Here - Sample Manifest)

- TVs.  (Click Here - Sample Manifest)

- General Merchandise. (Click Here - Sample Manifest)

- Appliances. (Click Here - Sample Manifest)

- Toys (ask us for more information).


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