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Description: This Urbandillo tote bag (the “Classic Hobo”) is the creative idea of Veronica James, fashion designer and avid traveler. The bag embodies her philosophy of "shrink and go" fashion. This tote bag shrinks down into a fairly small ball with the pull of the draw cord using Urbandillo’s patented SHRiNX™ design.

The Urbandillo seamlessly blends style and functionality. It's the perfect bag for those on the go. Look how small it shrinks! It's made for an active Lifestyle which makes it an ideal travel bag. With built-in small pockets for phones or Ipods and a larger zippered pocked on the back. Carry it as a purse or wear it on your shoulder. The Classic Hobo comes in either purple or black.

Purple: Qty: 400
Black: Qty: 320

Original retail price: $45.00

Purple: Qty: 415
Black: Qty: 405

Original retail price: $45.00

Purple: Qty: 280
Black: Qty: 230

Original retail price: $89.00

Purple: 190
Black: 175

Original retail price: $20.00


Purple: 120
Black: 70

Original retail price: $20.00


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