True Ideology - organic skin care and supplements

True Ideology - organic skin care and supplements

(Cambio de moneda / Currency)

Description: True Ideology skin care products and supplements. FDA approved.

Condition: Brand new.

Price: As low as USD $3.00


collagen therapies

caffein hot creams (anti-cellulite treatment)

aloe vera + vitamin E aging cream

bubulum oil (volumizing and firming oil)

cream with calendula extract + arnica extract (anti- inflamatory and healing cream)

Reduction + firming cold gel (anti-cellulite treatment)

vitamin C + silicium cream 

3 Step Weight Loss suplement (garcinia cambogia and other supplements)

hyaluronic acid + organic silicium serum 

Roseship oil

facial serum with vitamin C and organic silicium 

Weightloss leggins

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Location: In our warehouse. Miami, FL.

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