Target - Summer clothing

Target - Summer clothing

(Cambio de moneda / Currency)

Description: We have lots of Target summer clothing and accessories.

Condition: NEW and other (check packing list in the link below).

Prices are EXW our warehouse in Miami, USA.

Delivery time is 8 business days after payment.

Minimum purchase: 1 lot / (1 container of 4) / 48 pallets (double stacked) / 38,760 units.

Merchandise is packed in gaylor boxes (2 per pallet)

Please see the attached file with the packing list with images of the lots available. 

Catalog: CLICK HERE to download the file.  ONLY retail prices included.

Ask us about our special PRICE.


 To find out more e-mail us at or call us at (1) 786-522-6666.