Dresses, Tops and Tunics

Dresses, Tops and Tunics

(Cambio de moneda / Currency)

Dresses, tops and tunics for fashion seekers

Since 2009, Tango Mango has been dancing up a storm. With runway-inspired looks, the brand creates dresses, tops and tunics for fashion seekers around the world. Bright colors and bold prints take center stage, while unique cuts define the design.

We have a great variety of styles, colors and patterns.

Sizes: XS-XL

No restrictions.

Minimum purchase: 500 units, for a total of 2,000. HURRY this deal will not last long.

All of the merchandise comes in its original factory packaging.

The lot is online overstock.

Retail price goes from USD $24 - $65.

They don't have UPC Code.

Most of the merchandise is made in India.

EWX Gomez Ossa International, Miami, Florida.


To find out more e-mail us at ofertas@gomezossa.com or call us at (1) 786-522-6666.