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Content: Clothing for Women, Men and Children, mostly for adults. You can find a low percentage. This products comes from returns of clients to KHOL'S stores.

Brands: Dockers, U.S. Polo Assn, Sonoma, Levi's, Dickies, Adidas, Lee, Disney, Arrow, Apt9, Nine & Company, Speedo, Champion, Columbia, Reebok, Haggar, Elle, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jockey, Carter's, First momments Croft & barrow, Candy's, Daisy Fuentes, NYL, Sag Harbor, among others.

Seasons: Fall - Winter & Spring - Summer

Inventory: CLICK HERE  to download file

Minimum Purchase: 12 Pallets.

Ask us for the containers available.

Goods' Conditions:

Inventory of products consist primarily of customer returns uninspected, although it may contain some items that have not been sold before (NEW). The condition of the products inventory will vary, but all batches will contain a percentage of damaged items, some signs stating significant use. The packaging is original, accessories, and instructions may or may not be included. Inventory products are provided "as is" for purchase on the Site. Seller warrants that the purchaser disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability.

Merchandise is subject to a maximum of 5% of discrepancies in the quantity ordered.

They sold the following categories:

NEW: New Product resalable condition and in original packaging.

Grade-A: The goods were returned by customers for a variety of reasons, but this visually and functionally new. Although the products are usually in brand new condition, packaging or outer packaging may show signs of wear. All items of customer returns "AS-IS" sold

Grade-B: The merchandise was returned by customers for a variety of reasons and may show some signs of use, wear. Products may have small rips, tears or scratches, but should be in reasonably good condition. Some products are in good condition but no original package available. All items of customer returns "AS-IS" sold

Grade-C: The merchandise was returned by customers for a variety of reasons and shows clear signs of use, wear. The units can be torn, scratched, something non-functional or otherwise damaged, but should be in reasonably good condition. These items often have remarkable aesthetic defects including dents, scratches and other signs of age and handling. Rarely they come in original packaging and usually do not have the original documentation, additional parts and / or accessories.