Levi's Originals

Levi's Originals

(Cambio de moneda / Currency)

Condition: 100% NEW. Jeans have a stamp that says "irregular", indicating that they have been protected by the brand to prevent returns to the stores. Some of these products have little unnoticeable flaws. All jeans have original labels.

ONLY FOR EXPORTS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES. Restrictions also apply to Western Europe, Japan and Poland.

The packaging contains:
24 units per box
24 units of the same style and size.
In some styles you can choose only blue or only black or only grey jeans.
Jeans in other colours can be chosen freely.

Prices depend on order quantities to find out more e-mail us at ofertas@gomezossa.com or call us at (1) 786-522-6666.

Styles: Original: 501. Regular: 504/505. Bootcut: 517/527. Relaxed straight: 559. Taper: 502/ 508/ 512/ 522. Skinny: 510/ 519. Slim: 511. Straight: 514. Athletic: 541. Loose Straight: 569.