Tools and HARDWARE - Products A1

Tools and HARDWARE - Products A1

(Cambio de moneda / Currency)

Content: Liquidation from  "Harbor Freight Tools" stores.


We won’t be able to compare other providers pallets to A1 Harbor Freight pallets since the quality of the items are completely different. Since its coming directly from Harbor, the quality 1000 times better, and 80 to 95% of the items are in good working condition and some being actual shelf pulls or customer returned items, with each items being reviewed by our Tech’s. For example attached is a picture of a pallet being created by one of our staff members, most of the items look new. Other competitors buys all the items from us that are deemed unusable, and then they turn around and resell them. I can also have you talk to my Harbor Asset recovery team if you decide to move forward with any loads and they can also confirm this information and confirm that we are (GOMEZ OSSA INT) an approved vendor for them.

Its cost, only 21% of the public price indicated in the accompanying manifest. So with 80% discount price HARBOR FREIGHT in South Carolina. USA. Sales completely clear.

Manifest List: 

61156 - SC Harbor: CLICK AQUI para descargar el archivo

61160 - SC HarborCLICK AQUI para descargar el archivo

10224 - SC Harbor (gas): CLICK AQUI para descargar el archivo.

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Note: Some of these products may come with defective packaging and / or product and incomplete.


Customer Returns
Products that have been purchased and then returned to the original retailer, due to a variety of possible reasons, are known as customer returns. Even though customer returns mostly occur because of a defect or functioning problem, some are returned for no reason at all. Customer returns are often the result of impulsive buying where the customer bought the product but wasn’t satisfied when he/she took it home. If a customer return is because of a defect internally or externally, it is either reconditioned or salvaged and resold.


Packaging and instructions may not be included.

Returns from customers not inspected, may contain unsold products.

All lots will contain a percentage of damaged items.

It is guaranteed that the commercial document and title of the merchandise will be delivered.

The seller exempts from all warranties, express or implied, that may be included in the commercialization.

The merchandise is subject to a 5% variation of quantity per order.

NEW: Brand new product in resale condition and in its original packaging.

Grade A: Customer return (must be visually and functionally new). The products are generally in new condition (the packaging may show wear).

Grade B: Customer return for a variety of reasons, may show signs of wear and tear. Products may have cracks, tears or scratches. They must be in reasonable good condition. New products are also classified but they do not have the original packaging.

Grade C: Customer return, where it shows obvious signs of use, wear and long duration. The products can be broken, torn, scratched, damaged and partly non-functional. It also includes products with notable aesthetic imperfections such as dents, scratches and signs of age and handling. Little chance of original packaging and original documentation.