ASICS Apparel

ASICS Apparel

(Cambio de moneda / Currency)

Description: Asics clothing for men, women and kids. Within the assortment you can find blouses in Lycra, cotton blouses, sweatshirts, tops, shorts, pants, shirts, jackets among others.

Condition: Brand NEW. Stocked merchandise plus some shelf-pulls.

Sold in assorted lots of adults' clothing or kids' clothing.

Seasons: Fall and other lighter clothing.

Minimum order: 1000 units

Prices vary depending on quantities. Now with an EXTRA 5% discount!

$7.90 $7.50  - 1000 units
$7.75 $7.36 - 2500 units
$7.50 $7.12 - 5000 units


To find out more e-mail us at or call us at (1) 786-522-6666.