Premium Resort-wear and Swimwear Collection

Premium Resort-wear and Swimwear Collection

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Description: Agua Bendita was founded in 2003 by Colombian designers and friends, Catalina and Mariana. The swimwear brand stands out with exclusive and colorful European fabrics which are then carefully handcrafted by Colombian artisans resulting in a unique bikini and monokini swimsuits. “The Bendita girl” is blessed! Agua Bendita is coveted by women around the world and expanded their collection with clothing pieces that are sexy, unique and comfortable.

We have available men's and women's clothing, swimwear, accesories, shoes and kids' clothing.

Condition: Brand new on its plastic packaging. Check the packing list with updated inventory and details.

Minimum Purchase: by category or buy it all with a special price discount.

Packing List: CLICK HERE to download the file.

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