Towels & Bath Accessories

Towels & Bath Accessories

(Cambio de moneda / Currency)

Closeout lot of New Towels & Bath Accessories from a major high end department store.

The majority of the items will come with the original retail tags and prices.

A variety of designer brands could be included, such as: Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart and Many, Charter Club More.

​Items may include: Towels, Bath Rugs, Curtains, Bath Accessories, & More.

​Gomez Ossa Int. Brand Name Wholesale:

We commercialize clothing and accessories per lots, obtained in big quantities directly from major the most important department stores in the United States. These lots contain designer and brand name assorted apparel. The customer has the opportunity of purchasing these lots in either overstock/shelf pulls or customer return conditions.

Each lot contain assorted styles, sizes, colors and brands. The customer has the advantage to choose the lot but there isn’t the possibility of choosing the garments.This merchandise is ideal to sell in outlets stores.